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valentine's day ideas

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Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day Ideas 
a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship.

Nails Idea.

red is the signature color of valentine's Day,
but if you don't want to go with the retro red you always can rock ,cute pink as neon or pretty pastel colors. and do not forget heart all over 

Valentine's Day nail art

valentine nails


Makeup idea

if you are the type of girl that like clear and natural look and without effort 
!!rock the raw beauty!!

♥ perfect eyebrow ♥ moisturizer 
lip balm


Sexy makeup 
♥ High arched eye-browns full looking lashes
Red lipstick    
Yana Swanson

Lovely Makeup
♥ pink lipstick ♥ light blush 

Natural makeup // defined brows, mascara, and neutral lipstick

Pretty hair//makeup

♥  Raw fashion 
by free people

Ethereal Fairytale Dress

Vegan Leather Skinny

Baja Hombre Short

 ♥   Lovely 

Cherished Celebration Dress | Mod Retro Vintage Dresses | ModCloth.com

Be the Buyer | Mod Retro Vintage Clothing & Indie Clothes | ModCloth.com

Fashionably Afloat Dress - Mid-length, Chiffon, Woven, Tan / Cream, Flower, Rhinestones, Party, A-line, Sleeveless, Better, Blue, Crochet, Pastel, Gifts Sale, Wedding, Bridesmaid

♥    SEXY 

Nasty Gal Helix Dress - Black

Filthy Rich Dress

Valentine's candies idea 

♥ Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies♥ 

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies by sallysbakingaddiction.com Easy, no-fuss and quick!

 Heart cookies ♥ 

♥  Valentine Red Velvet Brownies 
Valentine Red Velvet Brownies

♥    Marshmallow Pops 

enjoy the post

♥  happy valentine's day 

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