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 hello girls  
So I was stalking models' blog, haha. And one of them is Kumicky ! Because I don't understand japanese, I just clicking links and view the pictures and suddenly, I found this !   

Kumicky has collaboration with Hoyu, to produce the new Beauteen hair dyes ! Last time, she produced circle lens and wigs.

Here the old packaging of Beauteen, quite cute !  

Here the new one, they got three different hair dyes, bleach, light color & dark color. 

  Here the bleach hair dyes, available in three colors :

 Second, dark hair dyes, also available in three colors :

Natural Black. 

 Super Black. 

Natural Brown. 
 And lastly, the light hair dyes, has 11 colors :

Apple Rose.

Cappuccino Chocolate.

Cinnamon Milk Tea.

Honey Caramel.

Lemon Tea Brown.

Maple Mocha.

Chocolate Ash.

Milk Beige.

Rich Brown.

Sakura Rose.

 Beside that, Kumicky also showed some fashion coordinate in Beauteen website!


  Super cute ! I love the last coordinate ! . 
   Here's some video on how to use the hair dyes !. 

Visit beauteen website here : http://www.beauteen.jp/
*kiss . 
*enjoy the post . 
att:  Yogur    

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