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Snapeee is a social networking service where you can enjoy expressing yourself through photo decoration. Let’s Snapeee to share your favorite scenes casually with anyone at anytime.
In true sticker booth style, bring on the clutter! Choose from cute collections of stamps and frames to create interesting snapshots. These are photos that speak to your tastes, your style.
Snapeee was designed to be simple and accessible for everyone. Start by decorating some faves from a Camera Roll album, or simply snap up some new ones on the spot.
Pick out items you like from Stamp, Brush, Frame, Bubble and Text selections, to create and share original photos unique to you. Items such as stamps can also be edited to just the right size and angle. Completed photos can be seen by everyone on Snapeee’s timeline feature. Experience seven kinds of joy just by sharing. The connections forged with your photos and those of people around you.


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My photos using Snapeee





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  1. Thanks for sharing this cute app! (◕‿◕✿)

  2. Hi! I am a japanese girl who work for Snapeee! Thanks for your blog about you Snapeee!:)

  3. ✿thank you for viewing my blog, I love this app✿