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I managed to catch a nasty sinus infection over the last couple of days and after spending a good 3 days not doing anything, I quickly put this together to make myself feel like I haven't just been wasting time. 

Today I present; CUTE TIGHTS GALORE.

I have this theory that statement tights are going to be pretty big over the next couple of seasons, and I've found 5 really amazing websites that you can buy tights unlike any you've seen in the shops!

If you're a tumblr dweller or a Japanese fashion fan like I am, you might be familiar with Celeste Stein's Angel print tights. Celeste Stein have the most amazingly large selection of prints for tights, socks and leggings. You can find anything from art prints, to vintage wallpaper designs, florals, clouds. It's HUGE.

I came across Merry Go Round when I was on Tumblr and I don't think there is much known about this brand because they appear to be really new (and I can't read Japanese). Each have been designed to match particular lolita dress print. Just look at that vomit-inducing cuteness!! I don't even know what I would wear with these if I owned a pair but they're a work of art in themselves. SO CUTE.
Holley Tea Time is a Japanese inspired brand from Southern California, created by artist and designer, Holley Khuzaie. My friend Ameliehas a pair of their bat tights and I just fell in love with them. These super cute things are perfect for girls who love lolita, fairy-kei or cutesy styles. They look edible, don't you just wan to eat them!
I stumbled upon Teja Jamilla while I was randomly browsing etsy and i am in love!. I love how they are still statement pieces yet at the same time are really wearable. The prints are inspired by vintage designs but have a whimsical twist by featuring quirky imagery like squid and narwhals. (Who doesn't want a narwhal on their legs.) The prints come in opaque ink and most excitingly, metallic. Ooooh :D
I'm pretty sure most of you have come across some of these tights designs on tumblr. The Cult Label didn't design the tights though (unlike others that are on the site), I've been informed that they're replicas of  MAM Avantgarde's designers, but none the less, Cult Label still has a really good range of these tattoo print tights. 
 I'm particularly keen on the kitten design, though I'm terrified I'd make holes in them .

So there we have it folks. What do you guys think of the ones that I found?
Do you know of any places that sell awesome tights let me know in the comments~

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