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Two Brilliant Ways to Get Ridiculously Long Eyelashes

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Long eyelashes make our eyes appear bigger, more interesting and more spectacular. Here’s two proven methods we have found to help increase their length. Let us know the results!

NUMBER 1: The Vaseline Method
Find an old mascara and clean it well with soap until it’s totally free from any mascara. Once you’re finished doing that, dip the brush in some baby powder making sure it’s all powdery white. Following that, dip it in some vaseline and mascara your lashes up! You need to repeat this a few times to achieve proper results. We recommend four weeks!
NUMBER 2: The Lip Balm Method
The other way to get those beautiful eyelashes you are after is to use lip balm or flavoured chapstick instead of mascara. This will make your eyelashes appear curlier and longer while making them grow at the same time! Apply this while you sleep and wash it off in the morning. A little tip: Flavoured chapstick works the best!

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